Presidential Palace Pendant with Swarovski Crystals

$ 34.95

Our classic, hand cut Presidential Palace pendant is handmade from a 100% recycled bottle. This piece is perfect for elegant dinner parties or late nights out. The image is the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, Poland. This pendant is perfect for formal occasions, weekend events, and family get togethers. When it comes to elegance, this pendant is a natural. Each piece in our Recycled Bottle Jewelry line has been carefully hand cut and created with patience and TLC.

  • Our products are handmade and 100% ecofriendly.
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DISCLAIMER: The re-purposed products sold by Last Call Glass are hand crafted and not endorsed by the original manufactures. We simply used an empty, discarded bottle and repurpose it. If at any time our product becomes defective, please throw it away to prevent injury. Dropping glass will cause breakage.

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